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Matt has a new podcast with Ben Avery and Daniel Butcher: Comic Book Time Machine

8:59 Matt compared his childhood fandom of wrestling to his later LOST obsession. Now it's more of like, I'll watch it, and I don't follow it from week to week, but Koby catches me up once a month. It's kind of our fun time together. It's our, you know...I was going to say 'private time' but I was like, that's not right. And 'personal time' wouldn't be right. It's like our 'special time together', does that sound right? No, none of these are sounding right. But keep going. Yeah I mean, what kind of adjective would you use--like this is our time together, podcasting. 'Man time'? Like you and I have this podcasting. Koby and I have monthly wrestling. Wait.

Ben introduces the new segment, Suprising Thoughts from Ben De Bono.

Suprising Thoughts from Ben De Bono: Ben predicts Guardians of the Galaxy will be a good movie

Suprising Thoughts from Ben De Bono: Damon Lindelof might be a genius

46:06 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Matt Wonders Why Superheroes Don't Have Grey Hair

55:20 New listener Matthew has been heckling on Twitter, and the hosts have responded I'm hoping that we're all just kind of joking around, and it's not meant to be mean. No no no no. Ben is a nice guy! I'm a nice guy, you're a nice guy, Matthew's a nice guy, we're all nice guys. I mean, Ben's not the nicest guy...