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Matt and Des reflect on LOST


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • LOST

At first, I thought, okay, she's kind of into this, my favorite show, this is a good sign. But then, when people would ask her about it, she started to say in front of me, 'I hate LOST.' And I was like, whoah whoah whoah whoah, you don't hate LOST. We watch it all the time!

Des was stressed by the gore and lack of answers.

Matt had to give a warning if someone was about to die.

At the end of each season, Matt interviewed Des and discussed what Des thought about the season and which mysteries would never be resolved.

When Matt and Ben met at Leeann Chin to discuss Matt becoming an Epic Life small group leader, they mostly discussed LOST.

Matt considered skipping a friend's wedding to watch the LOST finale live.

Des stopped liking the show after the first three seasons. She didn't like that everything turned out badly.

Des's favorite shows:

  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends
  • One Tree Hill
  • Downton Abbey

Des figured out before it was revealed:

  • Locke was not himself when he was the Man in Black.
  • The numbers were associated with the castaways.
  • Locke's dad was the original Sawyer.

Matt didn't care about the unanswered mysteries as much on rewatch.

Matt says his original viewing experience was a monumental waste of time. But he doesn't regret it.

Matt isn't planning to rewatch any time soon. Maybe when his children are teenagers.

Des doesn't listen to the podcast.