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The countdown continues and Ben shares his Terry Goodkind testimony
  1. Max Brooks
  2. Alan Dean Foster
  3. Stephen Lawhead
  4. Katie Lynn Daniels
  5. Terry Goodkind
  6. Antoine St. Exupery
  7. Scott Sigler
  8. Arhur Conan Doyle
  9. Jim Butcher
  10. A.E. Van Vogt
8:35 Matt reads Katie Lynn Daniels's author bio I have a question. When author's have the biography, do they write those themselves? Sometimes. Here's what it says: 'She is a fan of the internet--' *laughs* --freedom of information, Creative Commons, and Neil Gaiman. I'm sure she wrote that herself. No competent publisher would have written that. You don't think the publishing house let her list 'internet' as her number one interest? Uh, Katie, we gotta write your bio. What sort of things are you into? Uh, I'd say the internet? The internet and Neil Gaiman! Okay, we're going to have to flesh this out. How do you feel about the freedom of information?

Ben shares his Terry Goodkind testimony: he read the first 13 books of The Sword of Truth, then quit halfway through Book 14 because it was so bad. I read the first 8 books in high school and only stopped because the library had no more. I did not finish the series later, it is bad.

16:25 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Matt is missing a bachelor party for a birthing class