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Excellent review


Matt came up with the title before he saw the movie. He kind of hoped the movie was bad so he could use the title.

The Hobbit has no character and has nothing to do in the final The Hobbit movie.

The Dragon and Sauron are defeated in the first fifteen minutes of the movie, making the cliffhangers from movie two pointless. It's obvious that the series was originally two movies.

There's a seventy-year gap between The Lord of the Rings and The Lord of the Rings, so many of the connections at the end of Battle of the Five armies makes no sense.

"Dragon sickness" in the books is a metaphor for greed, not an actual sickness. It's ambiguous in the book.

Peter Jackson felt a responsibility to tell Tolkien's story in The Lord of the Rings. When making The Hobbit movies, he said he has a sense of ownership over Middle Earth.

When Bilbo leaves the dwarves, it's supposed to be a sad moment, but instead you're thinking, Who is that again? Were they in all three movies?


In the Crossover Nexus promo, Ben points out that it's been seven months since they recorded a Crossover Nexus episode. Ben wonders if the runtime of their promos is longer than the episodes they recorded. The two Crossover Nexus episodes were a combined 1:58:06 (although Ben and Matt recorded closer to 1:30:00 of that). To this point, 39 episodes ended with a promo. Total promo runtime: 52:59