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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

David Tennant is going to be the villain on AKA Jessica Jones.

1:30 Matt tells Ben that David Tennant is going to play Killgrave, The Purple Man

Fox is considering rebooting Indiana Jones with Chris Pratt.

Encouraging Signs: Zachary Quinto turned down the offer to appear in Heroes: Reborn

A writer said that a LOST writer admitted to him that they just made up plot points and knew they would never pay them off. Matt refuses to believe that it's true.

Encouraging Signs: Joss Whedon said it's unlikely that he'll direct Avengers: Infinity War

What the Frodo: Brett Ratner is involved with a Rush Hour TV show on CBS

What the Frodo: Julia Roberts is making a Batkid movie

Bill Burr said modern movies are always budgeted at $500 thousand or $500 million, there's no mid-size movies anymore. Ben wonders if Netflix could fill that void.

Ben is Right: Measles is spreading at Disney Land

Take That, Science: Measles is spreading at Disney Land

Take That, Science: Scientists have uploaded a worm's mind into a LEGO robot

Simon Pegg will co-write the Star Trek 3 script.


Matthew Robertson called in and left a voicemail where he pretended to run over a squirrel.