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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.


Ben is sick of The X-Files. The re-watch is making Matt like the show even more.

Matt wants to read every book he owns. If it's a book he doesn't want to read, he'll sell it for the fundraiser. Ben is going to join him.

18:50 Matt welcomes new listeners Jake (from Bible study) and Sam (from work) It's interesting when people in real life actually listen to the show. It makes me really question what I should be saying out loud for the whole internet to hear. Oh, not me. Yeah, no not you.

Admiral Ackbar will be in Star Wars: Episode VII. Ben is not pleased.

Matt says he's putting his foot down: he will not see any more Transformers movies. We've heard this before: № 272 Six Seasons and a Movie and Other News

Matt was on Take Me To Your Reader to discuss The Martian. Ben invites himself on for an episode about a Stanley Kubrick movie.

For the Twilight 10th anniversary, Stephanie Meyer is releasing a gender-swapped version of the story.


Jordan's ideas for a Battlestar Galactica episode:

  • Another entry in the Virtual Ethics series
  • When does deus ex machina work?
  • Comparison to The Odyssey