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Ben and Matt's friends Betty and Tony Notto started a podcast, Weekly Wine Show. Ran for 200 episodes through January 2020. The hosts planned to spinoff 3 new wine podcasts, but the only content I see is the Court of Wine trailer from March 14, 2020.

Top 10 Good Things About Captain America: Civil War


  1. Airport fight and Final battle
  2. Fixes some of the previous MCU problems (world isn't ending, no big object fell from the sky)
  3. No lame humor
  4. Did not instantly restore the status quo
  5. Spider-Man


  1. Black Panther
  2. Final battle
  3. No big object falling from the sky
  4. New Captain America-led Avengers
  5. Wrapped up story arcs
  6. Ant-Man becoming Giant-Man
  7. Baron Zemo
  8. Ant-Man's comedy relief
  9. Spider-Man
  10. Airport fight

Top 10 Bad Things About Captain America: Civil War


  1. Stan Lee cameo
  2. Way too long
  3. Wasted characters
  4. Too many storylines
  5. Muddled motivations
  6. Introducing Spider-Man
  7. Over-reliant on details from previous movies
  8. Sokovia Accord storyline doesn't resolve
  9. Doesn't handle big issues well
  10. null


  1. An Avengers movie, not a Captain America movie
  2. Martin Freeman wasted
  3. Black Panther
  4. Spider-Man's costume arms
  5. Captain America's reason for being against the Sokovian Accords was unclear
  6. Scarlet Witch and Vision romance
  7. Avengers are fugitives
  8. Why did Howard Stark have a case of super soldier serum in his trunk?
  9. Tone switches between serious and comedic
  10. Tone was similar to Age of Ultron
  11. When did Captain America learn that Bucky killed Tony's parents?
  12. Bucky should have died

Matt is on Tony Stark's side. Ben is on the side of better writing.