Ben, Matt







I have to say no, but my heart says yes. I guess you had to be there. "There" in time, not "there" in place of course.

Eating dinner at Leeann Chin in Coon Rapids, MN before going to Ben's house to watch Rocky.

Ben wonders if Mr. T plays Apollo Creed.

Ben knows Rocky is going to win. Matt says he can't win in every movie.

Matt says Robocop doesn't deserve a statue in Detroit.

The Captain America comics revealed that Captain America was always a Hydra agent. People are mad.

Matt calls Ben "a pioneer in pop culture thought".

9:36 Ben wants a list of all the times they were right. Matt wants a listener to listen to the entire backlog to make that list.

Ben promises to prove that he's more positive than Matt.

Ben finally got download statistics for the show: they're averaging around 500 listens a show. Those might be low because Hipcast said they averaged around 2000. Ben wants to get to 1000.

You can hear a child getting in trouble in the background.

Matt wants to find a way to monetize the podcast. Ben suggests skimming from the One Day's Wages donations.

Ben hopes the baby doesn't come until after he sees Lawrence of Arabia in the theater.