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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

Nosferatu is getting a remake.

Stan Lee Quote of the Week: Doctor Doom is misunderstood. It's not a crime to want to rule the world.

Simpsons is about to become the longest-running TV show.

Listener Gallan likes listener feedback episodes. Ben suggests forwarding all the emails to Gallan instead of ever addressing listener feedback on air again. Matt responds by reading 10 minutes of listener feedback.

Melissa recommends How the West Was Won, which neither host has seen. Ben mentions How the West Was Fun, the 1994 Mary Kate and Ashley made-for-TV movie.

Andy requests a Pokémon Go episode. He thinks it will lead to a bunch of augmented reality games. Ben says that's already been proven wrong because the game was a fad.

Matt is thinking of buying a house in 2017.

44:30 Matt says it's weird that syndication doesn't exist anymore. Well, yeah. It's kind of irrelevant now with instant streaming. Yeah, I wonder what killed syndication. Maybe— Instant streaming! Maybe. It was a big deal up until instant streaming took off. It was definitely instant streaming. Maybe. We could do an episode called 'what killed syndication'. Just have that conversation for an hour.