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No need to listen to old news. Check the guide for what's interesting in hindsight.

JJ Abrams is done making sequels.

Twin Peaks is getting a Season 3.

Confusion between Betty Ross, the comic book character, and Betsy Ross, the creator of the American flag.

6:00 The upcoming Avengers Infinity War film I want to love it, but I feel like I'm not looking forward to it like I should. I've kind of reached the point where I enjoy not loving it more than loving it. What do you mean, reached the point? I feel like that's been you since I met you. No, I always say I would prefer to like something. And I guess that's true, but not liking something that everyone else likes is a pretty good consolation prize.

Ben reads the Betsy Ross page on Wikipedia and wonders why she was married three times.


Do witches just call each other 'sister'? Like a sisterhood? No, that's nuns.

10:42 Matt wonders if all witches need brooms I don't think all witches need brooms, but they can use brooms. I mean, everybody can use brooms.

Do you have any interest in every reading the original Mary Poppins books? No, I've had my fill of witches. What does that mean? Like, where do you get a lot of witch exposure?


Matt records an extra minute without Ben or the audio equipment to correct the top news: JJ Abrams is done making reboots. He will change the episode title but not re-record the spoken title.