Season 6: Paradise Lost

The First Deep Dive
№ 432-533











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End of the Year Awards

Category Winner Archivist's Choice
Episode № 444 The Communion Commotion № 442 Staying Classy with the Classics
Episode Title № 389 Dante’s Getting a Badaptation and Other News № 470 That Hideous Space Trilogy
Countdown № 425 Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown: 10-1 № 436 Top 5 Ways We’ve Changed in 5 Years
Movie Review № 482 Living it Up with Lawrence of Arabia № 482 Living it Up with Lawrence of Arabia
Book Review № 496 Matt Read The Lord of the Rings № 465 Total Pandemonium: Paradise Lost – Book I
TV Show Review № 448 Excavating the X-Files: Part 14 – Revival Talk
Time Loop № 497 The SFC Time Loop: Messianic Moments in The Lord of the Rings № 413 The SFC Time Loop: Worst Sci-Fi Movies
Guest Rick Lee James
Funniest Episode № 411 Mary Poppins is a Witch № 512 Ben Lost a Bet and Other News
Surprising Sci-Fi News Squirrel Girl is becoming a real entertainment entity Avatar is getting four sequels
Exciting Sci-Fi News Heroes re-cancelled Heroes re-cancelled
Disappointing Sci-Fi News Transformers are still being made in abundance, and Anthony Hopkins has joined the cast of the fifth movie The X-Files are coming back for another season
Lack of Follow-Through Christmas musical episode Heroes Rants return
Uncovered Topic Controversial beliefs that Ben and Matt hold that could get them in trouble at their church Narnia film comparison
Sci-Fi Movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens The VVitch
Sci-Fi TV Show Stranger Things Jessica Jones
Sci-Fi Book A Study in Brimstone (Warlock Holmes, #1)
Worst Episode № 479 Mockingjay: Part 2 Movie Review