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  • Fringe, Season 3


(joking) We should just start releasing our old episodes over again as new episodes. With new titles.

They said it as a joke, but Matt will start time looping old episodes in Season 2.

A new Star Trek video game is announced Do you know what type of game it's going to be? I don't even know what that question means. Like, is it an RPG, is it a shooter, is it adventure? I don't know. It's probably like Mario Brothers where you just control the guy and go places. Yeah, you're not a video game fan are you? No. I mean, I know RPG means "role-playing gamer". ...Oh my God. And I know shooter means you shoot things with a gun...when I played Raw vs Smackdown that was kind of a role-playing game... Do you understand the concept of a role-playing game? Yeah, you choose a role, like I'll be this wrestler, and then you play them, as that wrestler.

Matt insists he's planted a handful of trees

Adam West will cameo in The Dark Knight Rises Did not happen

Ben mentions his children watching Disney movies He apparently does not yet hate Disney

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Ben and Matt declare victory in The Sci-Fi Feud against The Sci-Fi Diner

Skip Crust betrays the SFC


The battle over the Sperm Hypothesis continues