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Time Looped as

№ 497



Some funny moments as always, but nothing noteworthy in the top 5s


Matt listened to the last episode twice after recording

Brandon Gibbs designed a new logo (the first logo had a sketch of Admiral Akbar; the new one features the alien that will be named Theo)

Naming competition for the alien

Matt said the newspaper seller and boy reading comics in Watchmen are named Bernard. Ben wants all the listeners to write in and say Matt is wrong. Actually Matt is right

SFC is doing another readalong


They are going to Comic Con next year

What's it called when the voice is going over the action? Voiceover.

Idea board

  • Noah in space
  • Supernova flood

Ben finished reading A Dance with Dragons

On A Dance with Dragons There's way too many cliffhangers at the end of this book for me to wait five and a half years [for the next book in the series].
At this point it's been 10 years with no new book, although Season 7 of the show came out in July 2017, exactly 6 years later.

Main Topic

Top 5 Sam Messianic Moments


  1. Brought restoration to the Shire
  2. Didn't forsake Frodo
  3. Inspired Frodo to keep going
  4. Resists temptation
  5. He carried Frodo


  1. Kept his promise
  2. Supported Frodo like a rock
  3. Frodo could not have been a savior without Sam
  4. Sacrificed safety and comfort for the good of others
  5. He carried Frodo
  • He walked on water
So everyone who goes swimming is doing a Jesus-y thing? It's a runner up. So if I take a bath, I'm being Jesus-y.

Matt "literally almost died" (was sipping water during Ben's last statement, started choking, then spit the water on the floor)

Top 5 Frodo Messianic Moments


  1. Takes the burden of the Ring onto himself, sacrificing himself for the Fellowship
  2. Carrying the burden of the Ring to save the world
  3. Tormented as he travelled
  4. He stands against darkness at the river
  5. Sparing Gollum


  1. Carrying the burden of the Ring to save the world
  2. Frodo left his world and came to a new world
  3. Resolute to complete his purpose
  4. Restored the world after man's error
  5. Forgiving gollum / gave life and hope
  • Kind of resurrected
I don't think choking on your water and drooling all over my floor is messianic of you in the slightest.

Matt reads Morning Glories for the first time