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Bad but Great



Another "so bad it's good" episode. Ridiculously simple and ridiculous.


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • Once Upon a Time


Matt wants to not reset episode numbering each season Thank you!

The SFC lost the Podcast Awards to a Mormon podcast.

Take that, Brigham Young!
Take that, James Cameron! Take that, Justin Timberlake!


Take that, math!

Main Topic

Not all my dreams I had that I journaled about were sci-fi, but I picked ones that would be more appropriate for the show. Oh. Yikes. Not that any of my dreams were inappropriate! I meant sci-fi-themed or God-themed.

Matt's deja vu theory: we're all a little bit psychic and we dream about the future, or our brain is smart enough to figure out the future and puts it in our dreams.

Top 5 Dreams


  1. Ben hung out with George R. R. Martin, broke one of his vases, watched TV and discussed his books.
  2. Ben hung out with Neil Gaiman, who declared them lifelong friends. Then he was a good demon that was trapped in an angelic cocoon by an angel bounty hunter.
  3. Ben went to New York with Matt and got accused of murder.
  4. Ben was the king of an alternate universe but got trapped in our universe. He got a construction job but was fired because he didn't know anything about construction.
  5. Ben directed a children's play of Game of Thrones.


  1. Matt was attacked by trees, zombies, and aliens. He also dated a Green Lantern.
  2. Phantom Pain in My Elbow
  3. The much-anticipated Snake Dream (plus bonus dream: snakes take over Matt's house and he fights them off with shaving cream).
  4. Matt got to relive his life so he spent more time with his grandpa.
  5. Matt could run fast like The Flash.
So courtesy to nature pays off.
There was one small bush-like tree that I was nice to. And listen to this: in my dream I had recently put a green t-shirt on it! So there, saving the planet.
That is the key to Matt's psychology: placing clothes on shrubbery.
'Matt's Sinful Elbows': another great title for the episode.
On a scale from one to five, how likely are you to murder someone? Probably a one. I'm gonna say a one. ...One being the most.
A radio had three different cassettes playing at the same time, though we didn't actually hear any music? How is that possible, Ben? ...They're blank. You solved the riddle!

Matt "Toolbelt" Anderson was his nickname during their missions trip.


Mike Poteet had a dream where he travelled to random suburban houses in the TARDIS with Mitt Romney, eating their food and using their bathrooms.

Matt watches for the LOST numbers in real life.

Skip Crust refers to himself as "#2 fan of the podcast" Dave Johnson is #1