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Time Looped as

№ 299


to Time Loop (№ 299)


Good discussion of a great movie.


This guide entry contains spoilers for:
  • Inception


Ben and Matt switch roles for the opening because Matt will be taking the lead on the podcast.

Ben has pulled back from the podcast since August because of Greek class and personal family matters.

Ben is now executive pastor at Epic Life Church.

Skip is still lead pastor.

Leeann Chin is the Chinese restaurant where The Life Report was conceived.

In January, the podcast will be biweekly.

Ben is only going to appear every other episode (once a month).

Matt has recorded Christmas albums.


Ben finished The Wire and says it's the greatest show ever made.

Matt dreamed a girl that he had a crush on in first grade was mean to him on the playground, breaking his crush in real life. Take that, 'Jenny'!

Main Topic

Matt commits to watching The Shawshank Redemption by next episode.

Is the whole movie a dream?

James asks, what kind of memories are we making for ourselves and for others?

Do you agree with Cobb that reality doesn't matter? Is perception more important than reality?

If you woke up in a world without Christianity, and realized that you dreamed your whole life, would you continue to be a Christian?

Colin from the UK started a podcast: Trek News and Views.


I haven't been awesome at finishing books this year. Just this year? Pretty much ever in my life.

Feedback on № 10 Duel of the Fates from Taylor:

If you lock someone in a room without telling them, and they never find out, but decide to stay in the room, did they still have a free choice? Did they have free will when they chose to stay in the room, even though they couldn't have left?

Ben posits another scenario: what if the door is unlocked, but the person doesn't realize there even is a door?

Last episode in Rebel Underground Studios (Ben's house). After this episode they're moving the equipment to Matt's place.