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George Lucas



It's Ben and Matt's first recording ever, and it's an interesting discussion of the Star Wars movies and behind-the-scenes.

Recorded in July 2010, this practice Life Report episode ("Episode 0") is the first time Ben and Matt recorded together.

Matt proposed the idea of a church podcast to Skip at Burger Jones in September 2009.

Ben and Matt met at Skip's house on Labor Day 2009.

Ben is the pastoral ministries intern at Epic Life.

Matt is a preschool worker, connector (greeter), records and posts sermons online, and leads a Life Group.

7:39 Ben and Matt invite the listeners to ask questions Usually I try to pretend like I always know, so I say lies confidently. Me too. Yes, you will get lied to in a way you've never experienced before on this podcast, and it's gonna change your life. I like to call it, 'Epic Lie Church'. We could just take out the 'F' in our title and call it, 'The Lie Report'. Let's get the 'F' out!

God has given us desires that tell us what our role and mission are in advancing the Kingdom.

Ben said Empire Strikes Back was always the most popular of the movies. According to an article on, ' can be hard to believe that The Empire Strikes Back wasn’t always lauded as the movie masterpiece it clearly is. On the contrary, it...was welcomed with an array of mixed, lukewarm, and indifferent reviews...'

The Throne Room scenes in Return of the Jedi are Ben's favorite parts of Star Wars