Ben, Matt






Batman Month



Definite listen if you like The Dark Knight Rises. Even if not, the banter between Matt and "guest host" Ben De Bono might be enough.

Ben Avery leaves feedback. He hosts a podcast called Strangers and Aliens.

Matt accuses Strangers and Aliens of ripping them off: they talk about science fiction and Christianity, they have a "Ben", and they end their podcast by saying "signing off".

Ben cheated on Matt by appearing on the Voices in My Head podcast with Rick Lee James. Matt starts playing the outro music since Ben already recorded a The Dark Knight Rises episode.

Matt demands Dr. Jase of Strangers and Aliens be called "Matt" for one episode.

Bane is the opposite of Batman, even to the extent of having a mask that's the reverse of Batman's.

28:18 Carl from Hawaii calls in and Matt asks if he can stay in his house So Carl, keep me in mind. Keep listening, and if you let me stay with you and your family in Hawaii, I will bring you an official Sci-Fi Christian t-shirt. We don't have those, and don't let him come anywhere near you.
30:31 Ben Affleck has just been asked to direct Justice League Maybe he'll play Batman and Matt Damon will be Robin.

What is the overall story of the Nolan Batman trilogy?

Matt was mildly disappointed on the first view of the movie, liked it better on the second view.

40:28 What is Rick Lee James's podcast about? Why was he talking about Batman? I thought he was about music. Well he just brings on different intelligent, highly-entertaining, charismatic guests to talk about different topics. So it's not about music. Not exclusively. He'll have people who've written books on there, he'll have scholars on, he has musicians on, he has geniuses on. You know, he just brings on the best people.
49:19 Joss Whedon has signed on with Marvel through 2015 And how do you think about this news? Awesome, of course. Joss Whedon is the greatest person other than Damon Lindelof that exists. Sorry Jesus.
53:34 Ben has more free time, so he might start appearing on the podcast again. Matt says he won't welcome Ben back with open arms; his new co-hosts have been dedicated. But it's not the genius spark that you and I have. Koby gets up to go to the bathroom all the time! He's got the weakest bladder in the world! He continues to receive text messages after numerous warnings. You need a co-host who doesn't text and has an ironclad bladder, and that is me. I want my chair back.