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Don't listen to six months-worth of feedback. Any notable feedback is included in the guide.


0:01 Will you say, 'Sci-Fi Feedback'? Sure. Sci-Fied Feedback. Oh crap.
First Koby wouldn't, now he couldn't.

Main Topic

The Strangers and Aliens feud is still happening?

4:08 Ben Avery says James Bond is obviously sci-fi. But if it look like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it just might be Sean Connery trying to sneak underwater wearing a duck hat.

Matt is reading Brady's book, Alan and Aaron's book (Flight of the Angels), a random non-listener's book, and Dave's book. And Ken sent an email asking Matt to review his book.

37:04 Did you listen to this episode? Tell me the truth. The Batman Live instant reaction? Um, I listened to part of it, but I was laughing, so I just shut it off. Because you hate humor.

Robin from the UK is going back and listening to every episode from the beginning, even though there are a lot of them. Ha ha ha

43:13 Matt is happy that Koby is on the podcast now, because it means that Ben now has someone else to bully.

43:42 I can literally feel your pain because I have it still in my heart from Season 1. Here in Season 2 it's been a little bit better, I've got a little bit more respect because I kept the ship afloat. You, however, have been kind of brutally bullied by him. Just unwarranted. And I've dealt with bullies in the past; I'm just going to punch him in the face.

45:00 Koby suggests doing a live episode. They will in № 500.

46:15 Robin in the UK says the show is so good because Matt eventually became "emancipated" from Ben. Also, Koby "sounds like a cartoon character, but in a good way." Also, Daniel failed to "hold his attention as much as the glory days."

Matt promises to do more news episodes in 2013.

Some listeners, like Robin in the UK, have written in to say they prefer Season 1 with Ben to Season 2 with Daniel and Koby. Matt points out that, without Daniel and Koby, the Sci-Fi Christian might have died.

Koby thinks Black Panther's superpower is that he turns into a panther.

3:45 You make a Black Panther movie, people are going to be like, 'What's that?'
Black Panther was the fifth-biggest opening of all time, and brought in $1.3 billion worldwide to become the most lucrative comic book movie ever.
1:08:11 The Reinis pitch Flight of the Angels to Matt. If you like Flight of the Angels, our names are Allan and Aaron Reini, and it would be an honor to have it reviewed by The Sci-Fi Christian. If you don't like it, our names are Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, and we wrote Left Behind.

Matt's favorite Bible version is the ESV.

It's been so long since they did feedback (six months) that they forgot what they covered and end up covering at least one email they already discussed.