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Ben thanks Daniel and Koby for hosting the podcast. He enjoys ribbing them but he is looking forward to their continued contributions.

11:58 "Janujesus"

14:26 Well, you know Jim Carrey is going to be in a superhero movie. The Mask? No, he's in Kick-[bleep] 2. Oooh. Wait, shouldn't you get bleeped for that, since you bleeped me for talking about Alexander Dumas last time? This is the first swear word you've probably ever heard me say. Yeah! Well, I think you said, 'what the [bleep]' earlier. Yeah, wow! But you were quoting something I had said, so that doesn't entirely count. Dang, OK, gotta write down the time code.
15:04 Brandon, did you hear the episode where I had to bleep Ben out? Which one? Yeah, exactly. Well, I've been—usually what has happened— The last two episodes. The last two?! Yeah. What did you have to bleep me for in the second one? Because I had—I played the clip— I think I listened to that one today. Yeah, I played where you listened to André's— I said, 'what the [bleep]'! Yeah, exactly. That's not a swear word! I thought it would be funny—it makes it funnier— It sounds a lot worse. Yeah. Sometimes ambiguity is worse than actually just leaving it in there. It's actually pretty—it's a pretty funny clip. That's awesome. Yeah. André's going to be like—I'm never going to make friends with André now! The funny thing is, I just bleeped you out again, and so no one—still people won't know what you're saying. Oh. Uh, 'H-E-double-hockey-sticks'.

Epic Life Church is now defunct, due to finances. Matt thinks it would be funny to restart The Life Report.

22:33 Yeah, so everybody, let's just bow our heads for a second. A moment of silence for The Life Report. I just want to have a moment of silence and pray for The Life Report. We're not going to pray for The Life Report. If you're in your car right now, just close your eyes and bow your head.

Marvel is considering making a Heroes for Hire movie. Ben makes a stand: no more Marvel movies.

Ben calls Ron Howard the most average director in the world.

Zeus, Ra, and Buddha team up for Godyssey, a comic-book movie. The comic book also featured Jesus.

Matt observes that NBC has started doing short TV seasons like Ben called for two years ago.

Take That, Science: Scientists hid an object in space and time, creating a temporal hole in light

39:11 Take that, listeners!

Take That, Science: A Back to the Future fan made a DeLorean hovercraft

Take That, Science: Scientists think they found signs of life on Mars

Take That, Science: NASA transmitted the image of the Mona Lisa to the moon with lasers

Take That, Science: Scientists think they found a planet with the core of a diamond

Ben brings back the Dark Knight News music.

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Episode bleep count: 3