Ben, Matt









More for the banter than the theological discussion.


Matt withdrew from his M. Div. program.

Ben is planning to get a Doctorate in Historical Theology.

Ben is learning to read French.

2:55 Ben calls the Eiffel Tower "a huge erection". Why? Why are you like this?

Main Topic

What are demons?

6:26 Ben talks about his research on demons. The first place I went with this, because the Bible's—the information's pretty scattered and all over the place, so I was curious, as a Catholic, what does the Catechism have to say about demons. 'Curious as a Catholic', it's like, 'as curious as a cat'. I was a curious Catholic. 'Curious as a Catholic'. You know how those Catholics are so curious. We're curious little guys. And I believe—I don't have it open right in front of me unfortunately— I want us to make that a new phrase. That I want people to start saying in the streets. 'Curious as a Catholic'? 'I was curious as a Catholic so I decided to check out what was in that store.'

Matt says angels are the interns of heaven.

Did one third of the angels fall with Satan? Rev. 12:4 is often interpreted to support that view.

If Ben could ask the pope one question, he would ask, "Batman or Superman"?

Ben had a nightmare that the pope was a Green Bay Packers fan and held a Packers rally at the Vatican.

28:41 They start to talk about demonic possession So, Catholic view: for or against?

Matt was part of a group exorcism in Guatemala.

Are angels corporeal? Did Gabriel have a body when he appeared to Mary?


1:01:27 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Matt Anderson Gets Engaged