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Bonkers. In a good way.

Top 5 Sci-Fi Bible Adventures


  1. Naaman and the Nanobots
  2. The Babylalien Invasion
  3. Samson in Space
  4. The Third Heaven
  5. Clonesurrection
  • The Book of Revelation
  • Balaam's Donkey


  1. The Revolution of the Lion
  2. Joseph and the Zeen Crystals of Power
  3. Draver the Donkey and the Sorcerer's Sword
  4. Ehud the Left-Handed Assassin
  5. The Elisha Trilogy
  • The Exodus
  • The Flood
  • David and Goliath
  • Samson and Delilah

Ben calls leprosy the AIDS of the Old Testament.

22:48 Matt tells his story "Draver the Donkey and the Sorcerer's Sword" What's going to actually happen (spoiler alert) is Balaam is going to betray him and kill him with his sword. But— Ooh, he puts the sword in the [bleep]. ... That's not a swear! It's a correct usage! Of 'donkey'? Yes!
26:40 Matt tells his story 'Ehud the Left-Handed Assassin' But, when his plan falls apart, Ehud is forced to fight the evil king to the death! The gluttonous king is famous for his swordplay. However, Ehud ends up stabbing him in the stomach! In the disgusting conclusion to their battle, Ehud must push the sword in so deeply that King Eglon's fat actually covers the hilt of the sword. That's so cool. Then, pushing it further into his stomach until it is not even visible, Ehud completes the assassination. It's at this point that Eglon loses—this is disgusting—it's at this point that Eglon loses control of his bowels, and begins to defecate mercilessly all over his chamber. What the [bleep]! I can't believe you included that!
38:03 Matt reads listener feedback Koby wrote— Who? Koby from The Sci-Fi Christian. He wrote— Wait, we don't have one of those.

43:44 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Is That You, Matt and Ben?

44:22 Ben introduces a sound clip from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', explaining the premise of the show. It's just kind of, fairly inappropriate, adults only. But don't worry— Much like The Sci-Fi Christian has become. Much like The Sci-Fi Christian has become. Since your return.


49:43 The Sci-Fi Christian Countdown sound clip recording

50:19 Continuing to record new Countdown sound clips Welcome to The Sci-Fi Christian Countdown! With Ben de Bono! And Matt Anderson! And maybe other people! This is dumb. We can't do it this way! We just have to have it ambiguous in case— Just you and me. We'll be the Top 5 people. No, cuz what if Daniel and Koby are on it? They can have their own song. This was my idea. My song! You're really going to say this is your song? I want a selfish [bleep] moment!
53:45 Continuing to record new Countdown sound clips This is actually awesome for the people that are listening to this. Yeah. Total behind the scenes. So they're still going to get up to this point? Yeah. This has never been— Oh, but now they see me caving. I caved! OK, I won't keep this on then. No, you can keep this on. It's good for people to know I'm not a complete [bleep].