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Bad but Great



In the running for funniest episode ever. In the finest SFC tradition, it's basically riffing on Wikipedia, and it is glorious.

Matt realizes before he starts that this isn't going to be a good episode. But it is going to be a great episode.

Main Topic

Take That, Science: Chris Weir built a Batcave in his basement for $250,000 as a place to hold his $100,000-worth of Batman memorabilia

3:12 This is going to be one of these episodes, guys, where you just gotta roll with it.
4:50 It turns out, Batman is either really sentimental, or just a huge hoarder.

What's In The Batcave?

Matt lists a bunch of things in the Batcave.

6:53 I am not a big Oracle fan. Why? I think she's a little lame...that was not intentional!
7:51 *trying to keep it together* He has a large bat colony, a Justice League teleporter, and a medical facility. *loses it* This is getting really bad!
10:41 Batman built retractable multi-walkway bridges, stairs, elevators— No he didn't. No he didn't. —and poles to access its facilities. No he didn't. OK, this is officially the hidden background of the Batcave: Batman executed a whole slew of workers who helped him construct all this crap. That is the only possible explanation. 'I don't kill! Unless it's to protect the Batcave.'

Some things in the Batcave


  1. Penguin artifacts
  2. Mummy case
  3. Giant-sized big dice
  4. Red Hood's costume
  5. Giant chess pieces
  6. Thomas Wayne's "The Batman" costume
  7. Jason Todd's Robin costume
  8. Oversize Joker card
  9. Mechanical dinosaur
  10. Giant penny

Matt doesn't say what makes it onto the list. I think halfway through listing the items he decided to start putting them on a countdown.

19:36 Jason Todd's Robin costume is on display in the Batcave What do you think about this one? I think it's just another sick, twisted memento, and he probably wears it at night in front of the mirror. I have a really interesting fact about this. He likes the tight— No, stop.
20:16 He also has a Batgirl costume hanging up. Obviously. He definitely wears that one. Yeah.
23:04 Screw science, I want to see a violent, flesh-eating brontosaurus in the next Jurassic Park movie.
24:08 Guess which villain brought this penny into being. Uh, Two-Face? A villain called The Penny Plunderer. Oh, that was way way way worse than my guess.
28:06 OK Ben, for these I want you to give me the number, counting down from six, and then afterwards I want you to say 'for it' or 'against it'. Oh. Against it against it against it against it against it.

Six more things in the Batcave


  1. Two Face's original coins
  2. Deathstroke's sword
  3. Vampiric shroud
  4. Giant bowling pins
  5. Skull of Hunter Rose
  6. Letter written by alternate universe Thomas Wayne

Vehicles in the Batcave


  1. Motorcycle
  2. Aircraft
  3. Watercraft
  4. Batwing
  5. Single-occupant supersonic jet
  6. Subway rocket
  7. Batmobile
31:02 What do you think about this? Not such a bad episode, huh? This is depressing. Why? Because he's my favorite comic book character and this is absolute nonsense. He's a buffoon! This is why Batman comics suck! This is why I don't read comics!

How does the depiction of the Batcave affect how that version of Batman interpreted?

Ben is Right: The Batcave sucks


What the Frodo? The Batcave is full of weird things