Ben, Matt







Fun dive into an odd topic. And you can't beat the Manglers fight song.


Matt's wrestling name was Matt the Mangler.

2:09 Matt and Ben sing Matt's Manglers fight song, which is to the tune of the Indiana Jones theme

6:00 Ben discusses indulgences

Main Topic

14:19 And would you know, Matt, that there are some differences between us. You and I? Yeah. Because Catholics have a little bit more information on the Ark than you do. I bet the Catholics think they have it. In the Vatican. It's in the Vatican! Pope Francis goes to sleep on it every night.

Some scholars think Josiah found the Ark along with the law.

25:56 So here it would seem that the Nazis are right so far. Please do not take that clip. The Nazis are right! My gosh. No one isolate that clip! You're not allowed to do that.

1 Samuel 5 proves theologically the ark wouldn't have helped the Nazis.

Macabees says Jeremiah hid it in a cave.

The Ethiopian orthodox church claims they have the real ark.

The Lemba people in South Africa claim that the ark self-destructed after they stole it.

If we found the ark today, would it still have power? Would you be the first one to touch it?

44:26 Matt calls the Ethiopian patriarch a liar