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What the Frodo: The Rock will replace The Hoff in the new Baywatch movie.


You know what's kind of weird in my mind is the only reason someone gets cast in a Baywatch franchise is cuz they look good in a swimming suit. Yes. And so The Rock is cast in this movie to attract people who want to see him in a swimming suit. And Koby.


My question for you though, Matt. Yes? If Baywatch rolls around and Koby phones you up and says, 'Would you like to go see the new Rock movie? It's called "Baywatch".' Will you go? I can say definitively, this is a movie I will never see. Even for friendship? Yeah, this is where friendship draws the line. So we have found your limit on bad movies.

He saw it.

What the Frodo: A Tetris movie is in production

What the Frodo: Sony is planning a Robin Hood cinematic universe in the style of Fast & Furious

Ben is Right: Cinematic universes are a bad idea

Twin Peaks is coming back.

Marvel has stopped creating new X-Men characters so Fox won't get them for their movies.

31:45 They float the idea that Fox could let a different Spider-Man appear in Avengers 3

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie will voice act together in Little Big Planet 3.

Myst is getting a TV show.

Marvel is launching an Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic series.

The Angry Birds movie is going forward.

43:42 Ben tells Matt why the Angry Birds are angry.

1:02:50 Sci-Fi Christian Story Time: Matt dressed like the ring bearer

They decide to record an episode of the Green Screen Podcast and send it to Koby and BJ.