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Time Loop of

№ 9, № 14



The first great episode, paired with the first and best feedback episode.

Main Topic

Do clones have souls?

Is a clone of a Christian also a Christian?

How does original sin apply?

Did Jesus die for a human consciousness scanned into a computer?


What is a soul?

1:10 It's the glowing ball inside of us. Oh! Is that what it is? So Iron Man clearly has a soul.

Do animals have souls?

Is memory part of the soul?

Are body and soul loosely or tightly connected? Are they meant to be intertwined or will we live in eternity without bodies?

When does the soul enter a new human body?

Is "physical, bad; spiritual, good" as Plato believed?

Death existed in the world since the beginning, but did not exist for God's image bearers until the Fall.

Archivist Note

Ben says that conception is the only point that makes sense for us to say scientifically that life begins, and so this is when a soul enters a body. I think you could also make the case for when the heart starts beating. This gets around the question that identical twins pose: if the soul enters the body at conception, what happens when the twins split after a few days? Does another soul get created? Does the first soul split in two?