Season 2: The Dark Age

Ben is Gone
№ 40-100





Time Loops








Ben's part-time status quickly became a complete absence. Matt added Daniel Butcher and Koby Radcliffe as co-hosts, while still including Ben by posting old Life Report episodes and sermons into the feed. Ben converts to Catholicism, and eventually starts appearing on the podcast again.

End of the Year Awards Ballots

Category Winner Archivist's Choice
Episode № 94 The Hobbit – That’s What I’m Tolkien About and № 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction № 90 Catholic Questions and Answers
Episode Title N/A № 94 The Hobbit – That’s What I’m Tolkien About
Countdown Sci-Fi Visionaries Sci-Fi Visionaries
Movie Review № 76 The Dark Knight Rises – Instant Reaction № 78 The Dark Knight Revisited
Book Review N/A № 94 The Hobbit – That’s What I’m Tolkien About
TV Show Review N/A № 99 Catching Up with Buffy and Angel
Time Loop № 77 The SFC Time Loop – The Dark Knight On Trial № 87 The SFC Time Loop – Cloning and the Transfer of Consciousness
Guest Ben De Bono Ben De Bono
Funniest Episode or Moment № 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction Ben blows his nose (№ 63)
Awkward Moment № 83 Batman Live – Instant Reaction Yay! Carrie Fisher, 60-year-old in a bikini. (№ 91)
Feud Daniel vs Koby: Is Batman a superhero? (№ 51) Ben vs. Koby
Surprising Sci-Fi News Ben becomes Catholic (№ 79) Disney buys Lucasfilm (№ 88, № 89)
Exciting Sci-Fi News N/A New Star Wars movies are coming (№ 88, № 89)
Disappointing Sci-Fi News N/A The Hobbit films will be a trilogy (№ 80)
Lack of Follow-Through Matt's promise that he would have listeners on the show as guest hosts Alan Moore episode
Uncovered Topic Doctor Who The Booth at the End Season 2
Video N/A
Sci-Fi Movie The Avengers The Dark Knight Rises
Sci-Fi TV Show Doctor Who The Legend of Korra
Worst Episode The entire History of Christianity series № 52 Sci-Fi Feedback and № 68 Summer Movie Preview
History of Christianity episode № 64 The History of Christianity (Part 8) № 59 The History of Christianity (Part 3)
Sing-Along N/A Ben singing Misty Mountains (№ 98)