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Young Ben and Young Matt
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When Ben and Matt started The Sci-Fi Christian, both were attending seminary and working at their church Epic Life, Matt as the youth director and Ben as pastoral ministry intern. They were already podcasting on their church's podcast The Life Report, but decided they wanted to also discuss pop culture and how it relates to Christianity. At the beginning, Ben ran the technical side and hosted the recording studio in his house (aka Rebel Underground Studios). News, main topic, and listener feedback were all included in each episode; by the end of the season they decided to break each out into its own episode. They focused on making sure every episode included both sci-fi and theology elements, leading to some hilarious shoehorning like "Top 5 Missionary Superpowers". At the end of the season, Ben decided to become a part-time host due to other obligations. They moved recording to Matt's apartment (Ryan Strelau Studios) and Matt became the main host and facilitator.

End of the Year Awards

Category Winner Archivist's Choice
Episode № 23 Lord of the Rings № 10 Duel of the Fates
Episode Title № 33 The Divine Time Machine
Countdown № 11 Top 5 Superpowers № 11 Top 5 Superpowers
Movie Review № 23 Lord of the Rings
Book Review № 28 Christians and Harry Potter
TV Show Review № 13 Dissecting Dr. Horrible
Guest Koby Radcliffe (№ 12 The Search For Sasquatch) Skip Crust (№ 18 The Multiverse – Notes From The Other Side)
Funniest Episode or Moment Tie between "Avataaar!" (№ 15 Top 5 Sci-Fi Worlds) and Roger's voicemail (№ 14 Clones Revisited)
Surprising Sci-Fi News The announced Candy Land movie will be "The Lord of the Rings with candy". (№ 18 The Multiverse – Notes From The Other Side)
Exciting Sci-Fi News Tom Hardy signed on for multiple Inception sequels (№ 3 The Dark Knight On Trial)
Disappointing Sci-Fi News Twilight movie creators want to make a David and Goliath movie (№ 29 Superhero Summer Movies Recap)
Lack of Follow-Through Alan Moore episode (№ 8 Sci-Fi Movies We HATE HATE HATE!) Alan Moore episode (№ 8 Sci-Fi Movies We HATE HATE HATE!)
Uncovered Topic Battlestar Galactica
Video The Lord of the Rings Watch-athon Report
Sci-Fi Movie Source Code
Sci-Fi TV Show Person of Interest
Sci-Fi Book The Islanders
Worst Episode № 34 LOST Part 2 № 29 Superhero Summer Movies Recap
Interview № 27 C.K. Kubasik Interview № 27 C.K. Kubasik Interview
Awkward Moment Zombie Jesus (№ 7 Horror and Faith (AKA Zombie Jesus)) Thank you, Prostate Gland Problems! Thank you, prostate. (№ 3 The Dark Knight On Trial)
Sing-Along "Freeze Ray" (№ 13 Dissecting Dr. Horrible) Firefly theme (№ 22 The Comics Continuity Conundrum)
Feud The Sci-Fi Christian vs Sci-Fi Diner (№ 24 The Sci-Fi Feud) Damon Lindelof vs George R. R. Martin (№ 11 Top 5 Superpowers)
Debate Tolkien vs Lewis (№ 4 Tolkien Vs. Lewis – The Ultimate Smackdown) The Dark Knight on Trial (№ 3 The Dark Knight On Trial)
Life Report Episode History of Christianity Week 5