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Big, jam-packed fun

The site writers left voicemails.

They answer 50 questions from the listeners.

Matt thinks it would take him seven years to read a Neal Stephenson novel. Ben thinks 20 years.

Ben was nice and didn't put any Daniel and Koby episodes on the list.

This list contains 1 "essential" and 3 "listens". For me, the worst episodes are the ones that are forgettable; the worst so far might be № 128 Sci-Fi Feedback, an hour and a half feedback episode containing almost nothing of note.

43:58 Matt gives his salvation testimony, and it's the best evangelism message Ben has ever heard, and the best story he's ever heard

58:27 Matt calls Koby The reason we're calling is because, episode 200 has arrived. How do you feel? How do I feel? Yeah. Episode 200. Left out, but also very impressed.
1:04:25 Matt put their first episode on his favorite episodes list Even on that episode, you can really see that we were jelling right away. Oh yeah. It made me know for a fact that we could do this podcast thing. You knew I was the one? I knew you were the one!
1:10:00 Number 8 for me is gonna be: Episode 87, The Sci-Fi Christian Time Loop— What? —Cloning and the Transfer of Consciousness. Now I told you earlier— What? I told you earlier— You chose a time loop? I told you earlier— You chose a time loop?! What? What the Frodo?!

Special guest: President Obama

1:29:40 In Star Trek, the Spock from the evil parallel universe had a goatee. You know goatees typically show that it's the evil alternate version. I know you have one. What the Frodo? It means that your parallel universe Ben does not have a goatee, and I'm actually friends with the evil version of you. Oh yeah. That's weird. That oddly makes sense. Yeah. Alright, this next question— Oh my gosh, in the parallel universe Sci-Fi Christian, I'm the jerk!

Matt thinks Squirtle is a turtle with a squirrel's tail.

1:36:56 Ben reads another listener question. 'From a biblical standpoint, do you think you'll ever analyze tough or divisive issues like sex, homosexuality/gay marriage, abortion, suicide, war, et cetera? I think it's time that we do those things. OK. Because we're expanding— Well, talk about them. …Yes.

1:46:05 Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

My favorites through 200 are:

Ben's current favorite movie is Ordinary People.

2:12:50 'Who would win a battle to the death, the pope or Emperor Palpatine?' The pope. No, the emperor. Palpatine. He has powers, the pope doesn't have any powers. Oh, I'm sorry, the Holy Spirit? Excuse you.

2:13:10 Death by pope hat

2:48:59 I probably would drink if I was around Stan Lee.

Shocking Revelation: Theo has been exiled from his planet and is moving to Earth. They ask for donations to help send him home.

2:52:54 So if you're out there listening to a podcast, and it doesn't necessarily have to be ours, but if you really like it and you appreciate what those podcast hosts are doing, I'd say send them an email and just thank them. I'm not asking for one for The Sci-Fi Christian; for us, I'm asking for money.